A small collection of things my brain cannot let go
  1. Ted Cruz telling a woman, "congratulations on dealing with MS."
    What the fuck
  2. The guy who sits behind me in Abnormal Psych is Carl Sagan's son
    Also the same guy I accidentally gave incorrect directions to a building to freshman year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Danny Devito's name is Daniel
    Messed up, imo
  4. I once had a dream that someone requested a list titled "Party Bitch" without context and I don't know what it means
  5. Ghost Realtor episode of Nathan For You is not scripted
    Obviously none of it is scripted but this particular episode is the one that keeps me up at night
  6. This tiny hat
    I look at this picture every single day and it truly gives me life