Inspired by @julieuhls
  1. Colleen, freshman year
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    May or may not be in the process of framing this now
  2. Hot student teacher, freshman year
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    I don't remember anything about him other than the fact that he was hot, but nothing else matters
  3. Rachel, sophomore year
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  4. Tyler, sophomore year
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    Who has time for words?
  5. Marisa, sophomore year
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    Marisa has time for words. This is only half the page.
  6. Eliza, junior year
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    We were already like best friends at this point but this was the best she could do.
  7. Alex, junior year
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    This is literally amazing
  8. Brian, senior year
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    I asked him what this meant the next day and he didn't remember
  9. Monica, senior year
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    The message is cute but I mostly like how neat it is
  10. Mark, senior year
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    My favorite teacher, theatre director, and honorary crazy uncle. May get "You make me proud!" tattooed on my body.