Rochester, NY in a nutshell. 🌟
  1. Buffalo chicken
    You cannot escape buffalo chicken in Rochester no matter how hard you try. It will be in dip form at every party you attend and it will be atop every pizza you eat.
  2. Wegmans
    The best supermarket chain on the planet. This place is like a holy building for anyone from the northeast. I genuinely can't imagine living without Wegmans.
  3. Dave Matthews Band
    Lord, beer me strength when concert season approaches and I have to listen to people talk about DMB because it seems like he comes every damn year
  4. Mr. D. becoming a meme
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    You may have seen this guy floating around on Twitter or possibly elsewhere. He's a substitute teacher at my high school and I wish I could properly describe him to you. Imagine the most disgruntled and sarcastic old man you can think of, now make him more disgruntled and sarcastic and place him in a room with 25 teenagers.
  5. Garbage plates
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    After Wegmans, probably the most popular thing in Rochester. It's basically just a pile of food with 2 cheeseburgers on top, but you haven't lived until you've had one.
  6. Man leaders
    For homecoming, the football players wear crop tops and perform a cheer/dance routine. It's actually really impressive and is usually better than the actual cheerleaders. For some reason the administration hates the manleaders so they usually get banned every other year and then the students complain so they bring them back.
  7. Train saftey
    There are a ton of railroads and trains that go through Rochester so everyone is very serious about train safety. Seeing those pictures of people walking or sitting on train tracks gives me anxiety because I know too much.
  8. Lacrosse
    Casually known as lax, I didn't actually realize other places don't have this sport until I went to college. I still don't know how to refer to those douchey guys that at home would be called lax bros.
  9. Annual festivals
    On any given weekend in Rochester there is at least one festival taking place celebrating anything from art or jazz music to the Erie Canal. There's so many that it's hard to keep track of them but we all feel compelled to attend every one.
  10. Square dancing
    This one only applies to my high school but it's probably the weirdest one. We have a square dancing/line dancing unit in gym class every year from 1st grade until you graduate. No one knows why this happens but it does. It's so stupid but by senior year you're kind of into it. In high school there's an annual Hoedown where squares dances in competition with each other. People skip class to watch it because everyone dresses up and it gets really cutthroat, which is embarrassing just to say.