You know, if I had one
  1. Once nearly sneezed on Jay Cutler, this incident was the catalyst for their ongoing grudge match, which led to the release of Tatiana's diss track "Back to Sack (Jay Cutler)". As of today he has still not responded.
    this is partially true
  2. In the mid nineties Tatiana began calling Will Smith her father as a joke. In 2024 the two appeared on an episode of Maury where it was revealed that Will is in fact her biological father.
    the truth will be revealed at some point in this Willenium
  3. Changed her name to Tortellini for two months in 2016.
  4. Has stated that if time travel is ever perfected she will leave her future husband for Paul Newman.
  5. Is an outspoken advocate for emoji rights.
  6. Wears shoes two sizes too big in the hopes that no one will notice how small her feet actually are.