Requested by Mary Murphy


Because this will happen one day and I will need to look back at this to remember
  1. Mary- Kate and Ashley playing the younger me
    Dream team to play me. I would die if happiness
  2. Blake lively playing older me
    Not only is she a perfect 10 all around, but the girl looked better pregnant than I do normally. She is a goddess and I would be honored if she played me.
  3. Geena Davis playing my mother
    Guys, if you watch 'A League Of Their Own' I kid you not Geena Davis is my mom. Plus both are just classy AF women...
  4. Tom cruise playing my father
    Young Rick and Young Tom are legit twins in looks... My dad just didn't take the crazy pills.
  5. Nelly Furtado playing my eldest sister
    It just makes sense...
  6. Val Kilmore playing my brother
    Dye the hair brown and you're looking at a young Sean Hunter right there.
  7. Katherine Heigl playing my other sister
    I hear she's hard to work with but the other actors can manage.
  8. The entire Erudite faction playing my cousins
    If you don't know what Erudite faction is, you shouldn't even be on this list app... Regardless, all my cousins are geniuses and so it's no wonder they'd be Erudite, or for all of you that are confused, Ravenclaw was my next choice.
  9. Emma Watson playing my cousin @marymurphy
    The hair on Hermoine Granger yr 1 was based off of my cousins hair, but if my cousin was British she would be Emma.
  10. Tom Hardy playing my bf
    Because who wouldn't want Tom Hardy, the OG Bad Ass, to be their boyfriend? Plus, my Bf is kinda a BA.
  11. Airbud dog playing my dog
    Identical twins
  12. Taylor swift's squad playing my friends
    This is real life us tho.
  13. This isn't over .. My life's still going