I'm from Maryland, Hun.
  1. They say the word water like "werter"
    I've had too many people know I'm from there when I let that little word slip out of my baby soft lips.
  2. If you see this, anywhere around them
    Via clothes, cars, tattoos, tiny baby flags they hold just for shits and giggles
  3. If they say "Ball-mer" have no fear, they're talking about Baltimore.
  4. When they talk about crabs in a loving and praising way
    The good kinda crabs you want to have
  5. When this is the secret to all of your problems
  6. Always worrying if you have cuts before getting into the water
    It's all fun and games until your leg gets infected...
  7. When they can parallel park like a bo$$
    Not only is this the main part of our driving test, but try parking downtown Annapolis
  8. They basically know everything about the Navy without having to attend the Naval Academy
    There are holidays that are centered around the navy.. I'm looking at you blue Angels.
  9. You'll hear them say "Let's go O's" at least once a year
  10. If you've ever seen Hairspray and heard John Travolta's accent... He's pretty dead on
    Definitely a Marylander
  11. They've played this sport at least once in their life
    It's not just a game, it's a way of life.
  12. Ocean city is their fav summer spot
    And that's ocean shitty, Maryland for all of you who assumed it was jersey.
  13. Did I mention that they have the best crabs?
    This is really making me crave them
  14. If anyone wants to send me some Maryland crabs, I'd be forever in debt to you
  15. Just gonna leave this here so you all can enjoy it too