Yea I'm a strong, independent, emotional woman, and I'll cry if I want to.
  1. Life Is Beautiful
    One of my favorite movies and the ending will definitely get those tear ducts of yours pumping.
  2. The Impossible
    My cousin told me to watch this on my flight to California from Maryland.. Try being discreet wiping your eyes and sniffling without people looking at you funny. I eventually told the girl next me about the movie.. I didn't need any judgement while feeling the emotions!
  3. If I stay
    When the grandpa talks to her... Ugh CANT HANDLE IT!
  4. P.S. I Love You
    Tearing at my heartstrings people! .. Just get past the bad Irish accent..
  5. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS?!? Prepare to be sad for a week
  6. My Dog Skip
    This was the first movie I ever cried in and you know what? I was so embarrassed I turned to my mom and said "I'm crying!" And that was the beginning of my love for sad movies.
  7. Precious
    Ugh. Legit heartbroken.
  8. Dear John
    I mean, can true love win?!?
  9. The Pursuit of Happiness
    No that's not a tear.. I'm just sweating from my eyes!
  10. A Walk To Remember
    Mandy, you were supposed to never let me down!
  11. The Notebook
    This is obvi a given
  12. Like Crazy
    So my friend thought this was a good idea to watch when I was in a long distance relationship myself....
  13. Hotel Rwanda
    Bring at least two tissue boxes
  14. Life As a House
    Suggested by   @kate81
  15. Room
    multiple cries
    Suggested by   @dboulet
  16. My Sister's Keeper
    Every damn time
    Suggested by   @lindseyryanb
  17. The Fault In Our Stars
    Weeped while watching this on a flight to Thailand. WEEPED!
    Suggested by   @daisy
  18. Awakenings
    I've actually never finished this movie because I got so sad that that sadness immediately turned into anger. I was angry about how sad this movie is.
    Suggested by   @hannahbee
  19. Away From Her
    It's a 2006 Canadian film about Alzheimer's and it's beautifully shot, wonderfully acted and so poignant. Absolutely worth tracking down. I watched it on a plane, not knowing what I was in for, and sobbed.
    Suggested by   @femme_feminist
  20. One Day
    Didn't expect it to be so so sad. But also so good.
    Suggested by   @femme_feminist
  21. What's Eating Gilbert Grape
    The end. Oh goooooood. No words.
    Suggested by   @femme_feminist
  22. About Time. About love and life and all the things. Tears every time! 💕💕
    Suggested by   @hannahdotbyrd