Requested by Joe Murphy


*All photos reflect the age in which one would be sorted into the house*
  1. Poppi Sagerholm - Ravenclaw
    This was a hard one because he's a total Gryffindor too, but his life is like Cedrick Diggory.. Smart, adventurous, and always was at the top.
  2. Grammy Sagerholm - Hufflepuff
    sweet, funny and always having a good time plus super innocent....She had two thumbs and is a Hufflepuff!
  3. Grandpop Hunter - Slytherin
    Before you all assume that Slytherin means bad... They were top notches, smart and found ways to the top duh! Which is why my Grandpop got sorted into this house.
  4. Nana Hunter - Slytherin
    She was smart at a young age in figuring out how to get out of things.. Plus she never listened to my parents when they told her not to give us dessert before dinner... Total Slytherin.
  5. Dad - Gryffindor
    He's well liked, really great at sports, super like-able.. Some say the Harry Potter of his generation.
  6. Mom - Gryffindor
    She's basically Harry's mom...
  7. Oldest sister - Slytherin
    Tell me that's not a Slytherin right there
  8. Brother - Hufflepuff
    He doesn't have an angry bone in his body..
  9. Sister - Hufflepuff
    She's on the boarder with Ravenclaw but guys she has two thumbs and is a Hufflepuff and wearing a snuggie
  10. Me - Slytherin
    I took the test and pottermore doesn't lie!!! It said I was from a long line of elite wizards.... Hataz gon' hate
  11. @joemurphy - Ravenclaw
    It's a given... He got a better PSAT then my SAT.. By a lot, soooo, also he is angelic
  12. @marymurphy - Hufflepuff
    She claims she's a Ravenclaw but she's a true Hufflepuff and she has two toes and is a Hufflepuff
  13. @aliaegan - Ravenclaw
    I think it's the hair honestly ..
  14. @katiemurphy - Ravenclaw
    I mean... Check out her lists, she's a genius.
  15. All the other cousins are total - Gryffindor
    They're all doing cool stuff and kicking butt and stuff ... Doing what gryffindor do.
  16. All.
  17. Amazing.
  18. Freaking.
  19. Gryffindor's.