1. People that stare at you to talk while they're driving
    Jesus take the wheel
  2. When people bite on their fork when they eat
    Doesn't that hurt? It pains me on the inside... This also goes with people that chew with their mouths open... Ya nasty.
  3. Heavily breathing
    Should I cal 911? Are you ok? Should I do cpr?
  4. Talking during movies/shows
    Why? Guess I'll just rewatch it later.. In the comfort of my bed... Alone... In silence... You betch
  5. Entitled people
    There's a certain place in hell for you.
  6. Bratty children and their parents that enable that kind of behavior
    It's not cute if your child talks to you like you're their servant. Get it together Susan!
  7. People that know everything
    I will google the shit out of everything to try to prove you wrong
  8. People that need full control
    I am fully capable of putting tin foil on some food. Just trust in me.
  9. People that can't clean after themselves
    "Oh you just cleaned?" *makes food leaving a huge ass mess where I cleaned* ... I hope you rot in clean hell...
  10. One-uppers
    Can't we just let everyone enjoy retelling their favorite experiences without proving we had a similar but better one?
    Suggested by @Ames91