Just because I don't personally have a tinder, doesn't mean I miss out on seeing what guys have to offer in today's world. Thank God for single friends and group chats. I apologize if you yourself are on this list... But you should know better...
  1. Let's start it off right: the Good Time
    Hygienically you get an A, but this isn't making anyone in the group chat want to swipe right.
  2. The Classic boys and their cars, Amirite?
    Joey, joey, joey... You could have maybe gotten away with being next to the car, but then you threw in the flex... Next.
  3. The guy who lives at the gym
    I get it, you're trying to be funny Sergio... But do you really think that works?
  4. The one that puts it all out there
    Dan, I... I am just... At a loss for words. Are there really people out there that agree this works?! I just read this and feel scared, like I want to run into a closet with some blankets and hide until the coast is clear. But hey, everyone has a dark side to them I guess!
  5. The Confident one
    Now this one I don't hate as much... But just writing "I'm blessed" doesn't make me want to tell my friend to swipe right.. I need more. Why are you blessed? Did an angel come down and tell you that? Did you just get baptized? Maybe this was your ploy all along to get me to ask you these questions.....
  6. The Selfie
    Now I love a good selfie. I love it so much I have about 1,000 of me on my phone... But if I'm putting a selfie up (which I wouldn't unless I was Gigi hadid) then you better be damn sure that the lighting is good, the angle is good and that it's not too close to my face... Go through the steps Andres.
  7. The half group shot
    Mike, what a great photo of you and half of your dad! ... Either go all in for the group photo or don't do one at all... The half of a person is just a no...
  8. The name dropper
    Sean, I love Ed Sheerhan, and would get a photo with him too. But we all know what you're doing here... I know you aren't on first name bases with Ed.. I like your style, but you're not fooling anyone.
  9. The Nickname
    I think this one explains itself...
  10. The names again... People come on
  11. You forgot one ... The guy surrounded by other girls on an app to find girls....
    Suggested by   @jbburnett