Suggested by @marymurphy because she knows what my hands are capable of...
  1. I was not blessed with normal hands. Instead I believe the sweat gods above thought it would be funny to place waterfalls in the palms of my hands.. And I've paid for it my whole life.
  2. Driving in traffic (add extra sweat if the weather is bad)
    It got so bad when I was learning to drive that for my birthday one year my mom bought me "driving gloves" except they weren't specifically driving gloves, they were batting gloves.
  3. Static
  4. Leading up to and during the Our Father prayer in mass.
    I don't understand why holding hands during this prayer is a thing? Aren't people afraid of contracting germs?! The thought of my hands gradually pouring more and more water into a strangers Palm, makes my hands turn into Niagara Falls.
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  6. Getting my nails done
    Strangers touching my hands is a just a no. Plus I don't know what they're saying to each other, which makes me more self conscious about my hands. Which makes them sweat more. Just be done already!
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  8. Holding hands with a boy for the first time
    They don't know me yet. They don't know my issue. The number of times I've dodged a hand grab, you would think I was in the matrix. The number of times I was too slow and they grabbed my hand which continued to get sweatier, in which case I've had to say "haha I have sweaty hands", is an embarrassing amount.
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  10. Taking tests
    Sometimes my hands would get too sweaty that the pencil would slip out of my hand. I would have to wipe my hands on my clothes and wipe down the pencil...
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    What is my life
  12. Interviews and the thought of shaking hands
    I'm already nervous for this interview... And the palms are low level of clammy-ness. But add in a hand shake for a first impression?! Where are the driving gloves when you need them
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  14. Straightening my hair
    Weird I know, but my hand is on the straightener for just too long plus the heat coming off my head, it's just not a good mix. It takes me extra long to straighten just because I have to stop and wipe my hands off in between.
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  16. Thinking about my hands being clammy
    As I am typing this list I can feel the sweat form.
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  18. 24 years of sweaty hands, and not a day goes by where I think, "damn, I have good hands"
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  20. If you or anyone you know suffers from sweaty hand syndrome..
    Do them a favor and never touch their hands.
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