Yea sure, she can be crazy at times... But that's why we love her
  1. She taught the girls how to take the best selfies
    Kim's jealous Kris has better technique
  2. She actually chooses favorites among the children
    The lie detector test she was forced to take didn't lie
  3. She gives the best judging faces
    Even when she says she doesn't judge
  4. She knows when things are appropriate and when they're not
    One of my fav moments
  5. She knows how to make an event fun
    She doesn't ever just have one
  6. She just knows how to make life fun
    Bet she drank the whole thing.
  7. She is the mastermind behind all of them making money
    Some say mastermind others say pimp
  8. She takes her kids hating on her with class
    This was the nicest diss found
  9. She's newly single
    Well dating but I'm not a fan
  10. She's always been her family's number one fan
  11. She will get her mama bear instincts out if she feels threatened
    No messing around
  12. But you know what?
    Poor kris
  13. Kris will always be...
  14. The real mvp of the kardashians
  15. Love you Kris, keep doing you boo boo!