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"Without music, life would be a mistake" - Friedrich Nietzsche
  1. 1.
    Taylor Swift
    I literally love everything she does. Seeing her live was the best!
  2. 2.
    4/6 of my radio presets are country. I LOVE country music!
  3. 3.
    80s and 90s
    This category includes all genres, except country. 80s rock and pop; 90s alternative and hip hop...it's all good!
  4. 4.
    This accounts for random songs across all genres that are great. Catchy, sing-able, and good to dance to can get you into the "other" category.
a list of things I've attempted in an attempt to have hobbies
  1. Scrapbooking
    After finally completing my first and only scrapbook, it serves as a reminder of how much I don't like scrapbooking, not Vegas.
  2. Sewing
    I made two dresses. Broke four needles.
  3. Cooking
    I continually purchase cookbooks. It's nice to have something to read when eating take-out.
  4. Learning to speak French
    I thought this would be a productive way to spend my commute; learn to speak French audio book. It got in the way of my singing time.