Similar to "what would ____ do" but "just be" is the phrasing that's worked for me since high school
  1. Renata Adler
    For how sprawling Speedboat is & the New York tics she fixated on
  2. Tig Notaro
    Because hearing her say "David, hi" on Professor Blastoff is as comforting to me as getting tucked into bed by my mom, and for how aptly she personifies this Renata Adler: "I think sanity is the most profound moral option of our time."
  3. Willow Smith
    Because she made me feel like I can do anything and made me rethink Cafe Gratitude by saying "we are the futurists" while I nibbled on a Mighty Bar
  4. Jenny Slate
    Because she reminds me that there is life after humiliation/depression/etc. in the form of laughter CAUSED BY said humiliation/depression/etc.
  5. Amanda Stenberg
    For how gracefully she deals with being such an independent young lady in an adult woooorld
  6. Ella Yelich O'Connor
  7. Shamir
    "I have no gender, no sexuality and no fucks to give."