A story in photos 🌈
  1. Googled "David Bowie low era"
  2. Wanted to be able to slick it back like so 💔
  3. Asked for Tilda color
  4. But with a bob-ish option like Donna Tartt
  5. And the lady had this idea for Rosamund Pike undercut
  6. Sent Sarah this photobooth after-selfie from Le Pain Quotidian; it + glasses are bringing me back to being 12 and cutting my own hair really short and feeling like a human who is excited about the world instead of a boring insecure Young-Girl
    (see: Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl) (see: the death of my soul)
  7. Maybe there are shades of Cecile Richards
  8. And Tina Brown?
  9. Hillary too?
  10. Anyway ✔️