1. when a SP calls
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  2. soap that was haunting @augusta and me with its cute packaging
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  3. in the half-fictional family tree I've had to build for myself since moving to NYC/living alone/realizing that everything is a lie/killing my idols/etc. etc., Louie's daughters occupy role of "sisters"
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  4. in my new family tree Kenny Lonergan is a HQ dad-joke-maker
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  5. Fiona Apple lyric provided by therapist
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  6. something lovely that John Green wrote about how projection in love does not necessarily come from an ill-intentioned place
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  7. something from rookie book tour to add to my list of Things That Make Me Wonder if I'm a Broken Person
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  8. an Instagram account that is all poop inspiration photos complimenting our new office space
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  9. Zadie Smith on joy vs. pleasure
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  10. not a screenshot exactly but trying to find Tom Cruise Scientology interviews while under influence
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  11. related: John Travolta trying to check me into my Delta flight
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  12. Anne Lamott on self-care
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  13. Anne Lamott on writing
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  14. Anne Lamott on writing/liiiife
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