1. RuPaul/George Saunders/mortality
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    VERY EMO BUT THE TRUEST THING I KNOW? In high school I listened to Longform's interview with George Saunders where he said he was glad he became successful once he was older and already had a family n shit because "when you're young you already think you're the center of the universe and success seems to confirm it" and I was like "uh oh"
  2. Tracey Emin
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    The opposite of George Saunders but I can also talk at length about giving yourself permission to be narcissistic in order to make art especially if you are female! This is from a handwritten note from her book, My Photo Album; I think she was 16 or 17.
  3. The fragility of the male ego esp. in media/entertainment/fart noise
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  4. Still on my high horse but SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS ARE REAL
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    "Lost boy" analogy credit @Durga
  5. When needing the reader to understand your brain gets in the way of honest output
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  6. From a convo with Amandla Stenberg
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    about navigating all this as a Young person
  7. Text from @lesleyarfin after I sent her a sad selfie from Griffith Park because cliched empty LA feelings
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  8. I get to make + share things! That's so so amazing!
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