Oh Jesus Sarah how am I supposed to-
  2. Wildest Dreams tbt listening to it after the album had just come out while staring at the front of the Plaza Hotel and pigeons sat around me and I teared up and I was in the sweet spot with 1989 where I'd heard it just enough to have parts I looked forward to but it was still still so new n exciting
  3. Clean the most visceral breakup song ever ever; it SOUNDS and FEELS like getting over someone; ofc this is the final track on a ROWDY album bc, to quote Fiona for Taylor: "in the end, I'm a sensible girl; I know the fiction of the fix."
  4. New Romantics because WHAT A MANIFESTO/it sounds like it should've been used in like, the Skins finale
  5. Style especially when we thought "take me home" was not like "take me home with you" but like this weird dark plea in the middle of this sexi jam from a girl realizing she can't do non committal flings !!! Also "I said I been there too a few times" also "good girl faith in a tight little skirt" ?!
  6. All You Had to Do Was Stay bc I love an upbeat breakup jam w lyrics you would otherwise cry to. Also it reminds me of when T gave me this advice after first breakup: "'I love you' doesn't count after goodbye." TRUE BC THE STAKES ARE GONE
  7. You Are in Love bc it shows emotional maturity from gender roles to the pinnacle of true love being a guy saying "you're my best friend" (but what if he was just hallucinating and naming Queen songs?)
  8. All Too Well duh ("so casually cruel in the name of being honest")
  9. I'm having trouble getting my brain in the zone of non-1989 songs also I've heard them just so many times it's like the yellow wallpaper as you once said Sarah Ramos
  10. But we know Our Song def has a place there right