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I used to cry to a lot of these for no reason
  1. The Cure
    ✨all time favorite. Great for some 80s pop vibes when you're feeling any emotion. Also great background music for any activity(walking around a city, washing dishes, crying, etc) ✨
  2. No Doubt
  3. Asaf Avidan and the Mojos
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  1. Bekka - Mel Gibson
  2. Abby E - Bill Hader
    He is not gross!!
  3. Ally D - Nicolas Cage
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  1. that time I was visibly choking in the mall of America food court and no one would help me so I had to give myself the Heimlich.
    The bystander effect is real.
I actually think about this alot
  1. warm, gooey, flakey
    Like a toaster strudel
  2. They told me to stay in this coffin so I'm not staying in this coffin
  3. Greasy, lonely, lazy
    This one really depends on how my life goes
  4. Never the wrong time for the right wine
    This will also be the theme for my funeral
I really hate Times Square, it's an awful place.
  1. Like communism, Times Square is good idea in theory but actually sucks when executed in real life