I'm always getting into shenanigans and this is a short list of places where I have been asked to leave due to humorous circumstances. Each of these are the short story version of what really happened. These stories are true.
  1. Sports Clips
    So what had happened was... Sat down with a newer hair stylist that gave me a haircut. After the haircut she asked if I wanted my eyebrows trimmed. (First time I have ever been asked this). I said, while you're at it I got some back hair that also needs some attention... I was asked to leave.
  2. Multiple nail salons
    Several nail salons have asked me to leave because I understood all the awful things they were saying about their customers in different languages. Awesome.
  3. The Jerky Outlet
    During their grand opening at an outdoor outlet mall. I was approached by who I can only assume was the proprietor. He was energetic, and said something to the effect of "Welcome to the jerky outlet! We have all types of jerky and flavors, if you can think of it we probably have it!" Without missing a beat I said "people jerky?" After an awkward pause, from off to the left came a young girls' voice very loudly saying "People jerky?!" I was then asked to leave. I never got the answer...
  4. The Walmart in Kissimmee Florida
    My friends and I were racing those motorized wheelchairs around the store around 3 am. After "someone" ran into a display we were asked to leave and never come back.