1. Kenneth Bianchi, the "Hillside Strangler"
    Get out of my birthday, please.
  2. Naomi Campbell
    Fierce as heck. Probably not a nice person.
  3. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  4. Ginnifer Goodwin
    She's fine.
  5. John Henry Mears
    Set the record for fastest trip around the world twice! In his spare time he was a Broadway producer? 💯
  6. Novak Djokovik
    Tennis player, I guess.
  7. Harvey Milk
  8. Morrissey
    I'm not cool enough for this.
  9. Maggie Q
    You're pretty! You were in 4 seconds of those Divergent movies!
  10. Jimmy Don, the metal sign guy from Fixer Upper
    I'm not into your metal sign aesthetic, but you seem cool!
  11. Laurence Olivier
    Super big deal, but maybe not the best dude?
  12. Apolo Ohno
    Really fast skater. Okay dancer?