Inspired by @victoriaedel guys, I have terrible taste.
  1. Monte Carlo
    I kind of love the actresses? I really like cheesy coming-of-age stories. Plus, the soundtrack is very me. All the music sounds like songs I would put in a playlist which would be named "Feeling Girly" or something.
  2. Crossroads
    Melodramatic lady-bonding road trip! With some questionable acting... and questionable choices made by all the characters... And a non-charming leading man... But car sing-alongs! And prime Britney!
  3. From Justin to Kelly
    I was so into American Idol those first few years. They are not good actors, but they're cute and charming! And some of the music is fun!
  4. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
    I will watch The Rock in pretty much anything. I don't know why I love him so much, but it might have something to do with the scene in this movie where they're all stranded and injured in the jungle and brings out a ukulele and serenades everyone. Expert crisis management.
  5. Junior
    1. I inexplicably love Arnold Schwarzenegger? 2. EMMA THOMPSON 3. This is one of the first movies I remember thinking was my "favorite"... Little Me was weird. This movie is so bad. But here we are.
  6. Armageddon
    This is so dumb. But it was one of the first movies to make me cry. And I'm always rooting for Ben REASONS I'M ALWAYS ROOTING FOR BEN AFFLECK