Not in, like, a gross way.
  1. Coach Eric Taylor
    The actual best father. He and Tami raised me right. Unlike that ungrateful bitch Julie.
  2. Tom Hanks
    I have thought of him as my dad for as long as I can remember? Even before I knew my actual dad wasn't a good person.
  3. Arthur Weasley
    Such a lovely human. ADOPT ME.
  4. Steve Martin
    He plays the banjo at all of our family gatherings. He's also from Waco! The place I currently live! ADOPT ME.
  5. Sir Ian McKellan
    Looking forward to spending Sundays with Uncle Patrick (Stewart, of course).
  6. Sandy Cohen
    He's going to teach me how to surf.
  7. Liam Payne
    He literally raised me.