My Starter OTPs

The first love stories that haunted and consumed me as a wee babe wandering the halls of ye olde Dunlap Elementary.
  1. Anne & Gilbert
    Legitimately the first people I ever hoped would end up together. Gilbert Blythe is the actual love of my life. They are perfect. I used to wish so hard that my elementary school would start using slates so I could break one over a boy's head and make him fall in love with me.
  2. Joey & Pacey
    My first foray into angsty teen drama and it gave me FEELINGS!
  3. Mary & Burt
    They loved each other! It was pure and beautiful!
  4. Britney & Justin
    I remember this vividly because he kissed her THREE TIMES. And that means TRUE LOVE.
  5. Me & Zac Hanson
    I would honestly still ship this if he wasn't married with multiple children. What a babe.