1. Angelina Jolie
    Brad and Jen would have broken up anyhow. I'm learning to accept this.
  2. The people at the deli counter who don't slice my meat exactly right
    I'm weirdly passionate about this. I know it won't be the same every time. I'll try to forgive you.
  3. Zayn Malik
    I get it, I do! I'm still just in a lot of pain.
  4. Dr. Bridge who wrecked my 4.0 by giving me a B+ last semester
    I'm just bitter. I thought I had it, but we both know I didn't study for your final like I should have. I'm going to forgive you even though I'll have to stare at that 3.97 when I graduate.
  5. Peter Jackson
    None of us knew what you were doing with those Hobbit movies. Let's just agree that you made a mistake. I'll learn to trust you again.
  6. That girl in 5th grade whole started the rumor that I don't brush my teeth
    LISTEN my sandwich at lunch that day had poppyseed bread, and they get STUCK. But everyone in 5th grade is horrible, so I'll forgive you. P.S. I ALWAYS BRUSH MY TEETH.
  7. Percy Weasley
    You'll always be the Worst Weasley™ but you made it right in the end. I understand blind ambition and I will forgive you.