Let's talk about my favorite thing. (I grew up in a very specific boy band era. My preferences are entirely biased.)
  1. No Strings Attached, NSYNC
    The absolute pinnacle of Boy Bandom.
  2. Take Me Home, One Direction
    A very close second. But Summer Love is the worst.
  3. Millennium, Backstreet Boys
    All the damn hits.
  4. Four, One Direction
    Probably the actual best album on this list, but not as much on that boy band level. (I did not make it fourth place on purpose. It was bound by fate.)
  5. 'N Sync, NSYNC
  6. 98 Degrees and Rising, 98 Degrees
  7. Black & Blue, Backstreet Boys
    I actually like this better than Millennium, but it's just not as iconic.
  8. This Time Around, Hanson
    Don't try to step to me on their inclusion on this list. I do what I want.
  9. A Little Bit Longer, Jonas Brothers
    See above.
  10. Midnight Memories, One Direction