1. I read that he and Matt Damon had a joint checking account in high school.
    DON'T TELL ME IF THIS ISN'T TRUE. I feel so many things about this.
  2. Matt Damon is probably rooting for him too.
  3. Argo was so freaking good.
  4. Armageddon was one of the first movies to make me cry.
    I know it's not good, okay? But I love it?
  5. He's still cool with JLo
  6. He and Matt Damon were obsessed with Daredevil comic books when they were younger, which is the reason he did the movie.
    Like, I can't even fault this? I would totally do this. Matt Damon even said that he regretted not auditioning for it at the time because IT WAS THEIR DREAM ROLE. WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE?
  7. This is mostly a list about how Ben and Matt love each other SO MUCH.