I hope I did this request justice 😬
  1. The Numba One
    Suggested to communicate supremacy. Rejected because each member insisted that they were the number one Numba One.
  2. Ladiez Men
    Suggested to make sure everyone knows they're "all just REALLY into girls, don't question it!" But ultimately rejected for not being parent friendly.
  3. We Play Instruments
    Suggested so everyone knows they're way cooler than a regular boy band. Ultimately rejected because the band uses the phrase too much in regular conversation.
  4. Little Girl Lovers
    Suggested as an ode to their demographic. Rejected because of pedophilia.
  5. JNCBJ
    Suggested by the members because they thought it would be so cool to spell the band name with each of their first initials. Rejected for being unpronounceable.
  6. Hard Knoxx
    Suggested to reflect their "rough upbringing." Rejected because each of the members was a middle class white male.
  7. Struggling Solo Artists
    Rejected for being too on the nose.