I sat on this list for so long because I couldn't think of that many iconic stuffed animals from my childhood. But these were the stars.
  1. Happy the Hippo Beanie Baby
    The pride and joy of my collection! I remember when I talked my mom into letting me have this specific one. All my dreams came true! But then someone broke into our house and, among other things, stole all of my beanie babies. Rip.
  2. Baby So Beautiful: Allison
    I really did think she was beautiful, but she's literally so creepy? My sister and I were really good moms who would throw our dolls down the stairs as punishment for misbehaving. She needed a strong parental figure. At one point I tried to trade her to my friend in exchange for a book about lent. I am not catholic.
  3. Tweety
    This stuffed animal was the entire bedrock upon which my family's creation of the verb "to tweety" was founded. "Stop trying to tweety me!"