1. Bread
    That one baguette I got at the farmers market in Montreal that I've never stopped thinking about. Perfect crusty exterior, dreamy soft interior.
  2. Cookies
    Chocolate chip. Hot and fresh from the oven, the way my mom makes them with a little extra salt.
  3. Bananas
    Slightly less-than-ripe with a subtle green tinge, no bruising. Too ripe = too sweet and too mushy.
  4. Tea
    Loose leaf coconut creme, freshly brewed at Tea 2 Go on a chilly day.
  5. Pretzels
    Soft, freshly made at Alpine Village in Torrance, CA or Easy Tiger in Austin, TX (they're pretty similar, I'm honestly so #blessed to have found a dupe here in Texas).
  6. Dr. Pepper
    20 oz bottle only, please.
  7. Pancakes
    Pancake ice cream sundaes with bananas, walnuts, and whipped cream from Pancakes on the Rocks in Sydney, Australia.
  8. Apples
    Pink Lady. Crisp and tart.
  9. Milkshakes
    Chocolate, made with vanilla ice cream, consumed with a wide straw to prevent blockage.
  10. Giphy