Things I Wanted to be Growing Up Because I Saw It in a Movie

I can't be any of these things.
  1. Food Critic, based on Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding
    I am possibly the pickiest eater of all time? Also, this character was a horrible friend? But it seemed really gratifying in the scene where the whole kitchen staff was sweating her approval.
  2. Ballerina, based on Jodie Sawyer in Center Stage
    I've never danced. But I COVETED those red pointe shoes.
  3. Heiress to a Candy Empire, based on Truly Scrumptious in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    She had the best wardrobe and had access to unlimited candy. Eventually pulls a really charming dude with a flying car. This is literally still my dream.
  4. Executive Administrative Assistant, based on Sue Ellen in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
    I just remember the petty cash, the super awesome boss, and at one point, a jar of M&Ms.
  5. Blacksmith, based on Kate in A Knight's Tale
    This is not a relevant career. If it was, I'd be terrible at it. But she was a badass.
  6. Safe-Cracker, based on Stella in The Italian Job
    Is this technically just a locksmith? Idk. She was awesome.