As a person who spends two hours a day commuting, audiobooks have become some of my favorite companions. Here are some of my favorites. Please share yours!
  1. Ready Player One
    Will Wheaton was born to read this book. Enough said.
  2. Wise Man's Fear
    42 hours isn't enough with this second book in the Kingkiller Chronicles.
  3. Modern Romance
    Who doesn't love Aziz Ansari insulting you because you are too lazy to actually read the book?
  4. High-Rise
    My love for Tom Hiddleston continues to grow in this J.G. Billard thriller.
  5. Yes Please!
    Not only does Amy Poelher tell her own story (and who doesn't love a good Amy impression done by Amy?), but stellar people such as Carol Burnett and Seth Meyers make "appearances."