I'm a 6'1" white boy who happened to find himself living in Tokyo for a couple years...I abandoned vegetarianism pretty quickly and dove in pretty deep...
  1. Okonomiyaki
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    I often hear this dish described as a Japanese latke... and while I'm not really sure how you can "Japanify" a latke or make Japanese food Jewish, I can't lie.. The description works for some reason.
  2. Convenience Store Egg Sandwiches
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    Get over your preconceptions of American 7/11s, Japanese convenience stores ("conbinis") bring the goodies! A consistent highlight - the fluffy, pillowy egg sandwich
  3. Takoyaki
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    Ugh.. I love the way those bonito flakes dance and squirm on top of these delicious octopus balls. I'd call these the chicken nuggets of Japan
  4. Kit Kats
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    Your standard chocolate kit kats don't cut it in Japan - welcome to the magical world of Green Tea, Rum Raisin, Red Bean, Cherry Blossom, Strawberry, and Wasabi Kit kats (キトカツ)
  5. Tsukemono
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    Vegetables just taste better when pickled and cut up into cute, artful shapes. Don't overlook the 漬物
  6. Taiyaki
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    Fish-shaped, red bean filled doughy pastries. Why fish shaped - I have no fucking clue, but damn are they delicious.
  7. Shoku Pan (Japanese Dinner Bread)
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    Ask @Nicholas, nothing beats the perfectly squared, milky goodness that is Japanese supermarket bread loaves. Take your classic grilled cheese to the next level in between two slices of god's greatest gift
  8. Yuzu Ramen
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    Our NY Ramen just does not cut it when you add that splash of citrus, slurp, repeat..
  9. Octopus on a Stick (Quail Egg Baked In)
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    So much better than attractive, tall ladies serving up lemonade and hot dogs on a stick - Octopus lollipops with a hard boiled wonderland in the middle :)
  10. Supermarket sushi obento
    Better sushi than most US restaurants. Cheap. Fast
    Suggested by @markravina
  11. Sweet potato flavored soft serve ice cream
    Delicious and counts as a vegetable, right?
    Suggested by @mlh
  12. Chankonabe
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    Favorite food of sumo wrestlers, used to fatten them up. Also works for pregnant ladies.
    Suggested by @jcrusius