The Components of a Perfect Bath

Crank the faucet, wind down, here are some tips and tricks for the perfect bath - solo or with that special someone
  1. Temperature to match the mood
    Need to get the demons out - crank up the heat to a comfortable burn. Long, contemplative soak - let your heart and mind rest with a soothing warm/hot temperature.
  2. Peppermint Oil for that surprise chill
    Peppermint oil creates the "Bengay effect" in the bath - hot temperatures with soothing, unexpected chilly sparks - you'll never feel alone
  3. Darkness means No Distractions
    Pretend there is no electricity when you are taking your bath - lead the way by candlelight and cut down on the distractions. You can focus on yourself or clumsily caress your lover.
  4. Bath Salts = Overrated
    Yes, epsom salt can benefit sore muscles and flush out your woes, but they also dehydrate and give you the runs... Avoid salts and go with oils and powders :) .. And also nobody wants rocky bits scraping your hamstrings
  5. Milk Powder, not 2%
    We've all heard all the milk bath by this point, right?! But avoid store bought milk and mix in some powder, better for your skin, and when else do you get to buy milk powder! Support the economy!
  6. Oatmeal, that's right, Oatmeal
    The secret touch that wows the non-believers. A great skin protectant, soother, and irritation reducer. Kind of shitty to clean up afterwards though...
  7. Brian Eno
    There's no better bath musician than Eno, any record from his discography will be welcomed by you and your tub. P.S. I'd also like to take a bath with Brian Eno, not just his music
  8. Essential Oils (get creative)
    Deserves its own list, but here it goes: Essential oil blends make or break the bath. Ask @Nicholas and @carolinek about the Ylang Ylang/lavender blend I mixed up for them....
  9. SBS
    *Not recommended for Californians (be mindful of the drought) 1. Shower to wash 2. Bath to soak 3. Shower to rinse: One indulgent rebirth
  10. Tea Tree Oil, Save the soap
    No need to scrub, let the tea tree kill off bacteria and keep your bath relaxing from start to finish
  11. Ice Cream in the Tub
    If you're lucky enough to have a lovely roommate or a lover, ask them to surprise you mid bath with a scoop of ice cream, it is the perfect complement to the warm waters