Why Prince Is the Only One for Me

He may be a color, sex incarnate, or a symbol.. But he's definitely not human, and he's definitely the one for me
  1. ROYGBI...Prince
    Let's just replace violet already, the dude IS the color purple
  2. Bye Bye Gender
    No X and Y chromosomes... Just a strand of DNA shaped as the symbol
  3. 15-year old Sexual Catharsis
    Sexual discovery when Prince played "Beautiful Ones" at Staples center in 2005. I ripped off my shirt in front of a bunch of music execs (sorry Dad!)
  4. The Prince Scream
    I can't describe what it does to me.. Words will make it lose meaning
  5. Purple Rain
    Greatest film ever... And if you don't think so, purify yourself in Lake Minnetonka
  6. "Creep" at 2013 Coachella
    Greatest moment in music history.. Hoping for a Thom Yorke starring role in a revival of Purple Rain as a return gesture
  7. This Photo
    My ex girlfriend @lgaba wouldn't let me hang it in my bathroom... Have no clue why. Now she wishes she had the poster.
  8. This Lyric
    "people call me rude, I wish we all were nude, I wish there was no black and white, I wish there were no rules" - Leviticus 16:4
  9. Prince's Super Bowl Silhouette
    Good lord... Ugh
  10. Prince: List App can't contain him
    I dare someone to create a list of all the women/men prince has slept with... Might crash this app