A list of some of the best Halloween-themed television episodes (in my opinion, at least)
  1. 'Too Old To Trick Or Treat, Too Young To Die', That 70s Show
  2. 'Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps', Community
  3. 'Spooky Endings', Happy Endings
  4. 'Greg Pikitis' & 'Halloween Surprise', Parks and Recreation
  5. 'In Plain Fright', Psych
  6. 'The Slutty Pumpkin', How I Met Your Mother
  7. 'Tricks and Treats', Freaks and Geeks
  8. 'Halloween', Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  9. 'Halloween', The Office (U.S.)
  10. 'Ghost Monkey', The League
  11. 'Mr. Monk Goes Home Again', Monk
  12. 'Halloween' & 'Halloween II', Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  13. 'Who Got Dee Pregnant', It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia