1. Death
    This was what instigated this latest list. The death of Muhammed Ali has made me forlorn. I could tell he was special when I used to watch old clips on youtube of his fights or interviews or when I would read about him. I was draw to him as a person more than a boxer and though he'd have meant more to others I'm still affected by it. I also came to the realisation that after 6 years I am sad about my uncle Colin's death. Hearing his voice brought it to me and I'd like him to know I love him.
  2. Disappointment
    I feel like this is the worst of all emotions. Knowing something could have been done better but never quite achieving it even with all of your being is a difficult concept to live with. Disappointment dwells in your heart and consumes your head and it's really quite awful. No one wants it. Ever.
  3. Longing
    It's a mind ache and a heartache. There will always be one thing you fully attach your being to that will inevitably go without an opportunity for goodbye or a final moment which is so very unfavourable. Longing takes its sweet time to leave and in some instances never will. But it will always be a reminder. It's the last part of you to let go.