This list is growing but I need to remember
  1. 12/16: Yoga Bomb
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    Smelled really nice and I bought another over the weekend, v pricey but for good reason
  2. 12/19: Intergalactic
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    (Sorry for the horrible glitter pic) but smelled somewhat minty and made my bath a deep blue. Another Oxford street exclusive but ugh a new fave
  3. 12/22: Frozen
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    Okay it's super pretty and gave me like a neon blue/Aqua color but I expected it to smell like peppermint and am disappointed. Still glittery and I'm happy enough but probably won't rebuy
  4. 12/25: Guardian of the Forest
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    Nice green color, smelled nice. Disintegrated quickly and had moss in it?? Probably won't rebuy
  5. 12/29/15: Butterbear + Stardust
    Honestly what a letdown, just merky gray-ness
  6. 1/1/16: Golden Wonder
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    I love this bomb so much and got two in the gift box sale but ugh smells fantastic and makes me feel accomplished with the lil stars (great first bath of 2017!!)
  7. 1/3/16: Intergalactic
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    Comments in the other bath occurrence but that's the bomb I use to treat myself
  8. 1/9/16: Yoga Bomb
    No pic but also I was let down for some reason, couldn't give a for-sure answer
  9. 1/15/16: Santa & Ponché Shower Gel
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    I've had this gel for like two years and was like "why not" and it put so many bubbles in my tub I'm livingggg
  10. 1/16/15: Lord of Misrule
    I forgot to take a pic but this was a perf final bath rip break its been real