I'm bored and love these things
  1. 1.
    Fave lush scent (breath of God is the perfume version and I'm in love) also leaves a cute note and part of my inspiration to my tattoos (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)
  2. 2.
    Phoenix Rising
    Look how cool this is!! Like it smells like autumn would in a concentrated form, also it's purple and gold. And there's a cinnamon stick on top! But they discontinued it and I'm v upset
  3. 3.
    Such an underrated bath bomb. I buy this for my mom and then another for myself and it's lovely. Also has glitter and turns the bath light purple, and has stars and I'm so down with that
  4. 4.
    Golden Wonder
    Holiday limited edition but so great, probably my fave product of that season. Blue water with gold glitter, so great. Also has lil stars inside
  5. 5.
    Lord of Misrule
    Smell is another fave!! Also spooky and has popping candies, makes the bath turn fuchsia