I teach middle school students with emotional behavior disorders. all day. they're a rough crowd. we had 4 physical altercations today and one of those was with a police officer. that kind of rough. they can be pretty destructive with belongings except these. no matter their anger or frustration they never dare.
  1. This Cat
    I got it as a dirty Santa present. I use it to hold our pencils which get broken each hour, so I know they don't respect the pencils. Thus, they respect the cat.
  2. Krispy Kreme Mug
    They are fascinated by the fact there is a ceramic miniature doughnut on the inside at the bottom. at least once a day I'm asked how they did it. one student literally pushed everything else off my desk except the mug. RESPECT.
  3. Gnome Collection
    I probably have 12 gnomes around my classroom. (Is that obsessive?) I don't know if they scare them or what, but never are they thrown, pushed, or even thought about as a weapon. MAD RESPECT.