I teach 7 middle school boys whom all have emotional behavior disorders. And as we approach Holiday break, we seem to be in crisis for 89% of the day. I need an outlet for this insanity. (all names are fake. all situations are real.)
  1. When Travis took a broom and hit my office window and said, "Bitch!" looking directly at me while I assessed word recognition levels.
  2. The KILL LIST Tony wrote out with all of the other members of the class.
  3. All of the items that were broken/thrown: baskets, bulletin board, banners, pencils, shelf, flash cards, and snowman mug I won in the teacher raffle YESTERDAY.
  4. The 11 times I was pushed/personal space was invaded by Jack when I blocked the door for him to leave.
  5. The numerous times I was told "fuck you" or "I hate you" or threatened or insulted or disrespected.
  6. The countless times I thought about how I'm ready to be in a different school with a different population. about the lack of support from administration and the district and parents. about the lack of resources I've been given and have no one to turn to.
  7. and about how much these kids deserve. where they come from. how the impulsivity and lack of control isn't something they choose. how they don't want to be so angry all the time. about their goals and dreams and how blessed I am to be a little chapter in thief story.