In chronological order from 2000 on.
  1. Country Grammar
    A true crowd pleaser. This is non negotiable. Literally even my dad, the waspiest man ever, can respect the need to blare this in the car.
  2. E.I.
    A old school jam I've recently taken interested in. Try not to bounce around to this song, I dare you.
  3. Ride Wit Me
    If this isn't on your road trip playlist, what are you doing with your life?
  4. Air Force Ones
    If you haven't mean mugged and rattled off the lyrics to this like a true thug, you haven't lived.
  5. Dilemma
    Kelly Rowland with that hook? Debatably the best thing that happened in 2002.
  6. Nellyville
    🎶"There's no way I can explaaaain...."🎶
  7. Heart of Champion
    I honestly probably wouldn't work out if it weren't for this true pusha anthem.
  8. Over and Over
    Tim McGraw?? Ok?
  9. Play if Off
    A jazzy lil Pharrell collab anyone can get down with.
  10. My Place
    Sets the goddamn mood — trust me.
  11. Grillz
    Sorry not sorry this music video is an integral part of my childhood ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Body on Me
    Maybe pushing it for a classic, but definitely not a miss.
  13. Stepped On My J'z
    What a fucking storyline. For self fulfilling purposes I'm going to assume this is the long awaited sequel to "Air Force Ones."