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  1. Allen & Cooley
  2. White River Junction
  3. Neil Ferguson
bc sometimes they're not
  1. spinach, chick peas, red quinoa, avocado, evoo, lemon juice, s&p
  1. 1.
    drink a razzbull
    honestly I'm usually not one to "health shame" but these things blow my mind!! it is a mixture of red raspberry pure sugar stuff and red bull. people drink them 3x weekly so casually for a study boost! I can't even drink a sprite without tearing up. we shall see.
  2. 2.
    hit up bonvue/o-mist/chucks
    I am turning 21 one month before graduation. gotta make up for lost time 🍻
  3. 3.
    one last i-zone calzone
    "the calzones....they betrayed me." -Ben Wyatt
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