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Things about me that people may or may not already know.
  1. My biggest insecurity had the biggest influence on my life.
    I can not spell. Never have been able to and probably never will. It is ridiculous how many words I had to look up the proper spelling for in this list. I joke about it fist so that you will not, and I've accepted how it is a huge part of my identity.
  2. I love night walks.
    It clears my head.
  3. I view the world majority of the time as half empty, or I see it like it is.
    I hate how growing up takes away that simple kindness that you see in people and inserts skepticism. With that childhood wonder you see the good in people and know the right. As you grow you see things happen, people tell you of the evils they've encountered, and now are able to find even the littlest thing wrong with everyone. I have to remind myself to try to see the beauty, and as I age it constantly gets harder.
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  1. Milk
  2. Egg
  3. Cheese
  4. I'm not a shopping list, I'm a ghost!
  1. Go to Times Square on New Years
  2. Backpack across Europe
  3. Learn to do a cartwheel
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