I typically lie about my major, saying I'm undeclared (despite knowing I've wanted to be an English major since the age of 3) since I hate the following reactions. I'm in my second year though, so I can't keep up this charade for too much longer. Oh and P.S.... I'm majoring in drama too. Yeah lol, that's one I keep to myself.
  1. Oh! So you wanna be an English teacher?
    Nope. No. Not at all. There's nothing wrong with English teachers, I've loved mine, they've helped me decide my future but no that is not what I want to do with my life.
  2. Really?
    This said in disbelief. They think I'm just joking. That my next line will be "just kidding! You think I'm an idiot? I'm actually pre med." but alas, they're always disappointed.
  3. Really?
    This one said in that voice you make when you're surprised at an answer you don't like but have to pretend it's a good idea. "reaaaaaaaallllly?? Oh....wow!"
  4. That's... Interesting
    A compliment if you don't know any better but the ellipse and inflection on interesting makes you know that isn't what they're really thinking.
  5. So like... What are you gonna do with that?
    Ya know, I'm gonna flip the script. The next time someone in the engineering school at my university, or someone who's pre med or pre comm tells me their major I'm gonna say "Really? That's.... Interesting. So... What are you gonna do with that?"
  6. So do you not care about making money?
    FYI, I have plans that I will make money but I don't need a lot. And it's 2015. Job security is a myth. Ten years from now we might both be at subway regardless of your major (and I'll have been there first so I can boss you around 😇)
  7. You know there's really no jobs in that right?
    I get this question so frequently and I have a very hard time believing that's true. A. I've looked up jobs for English majors and there are a vast variety these people wouldn't think of, and B. Majors don't really matter. My advisors tell me time and time again, it's not about your major, it's about how you articulate what you learned. But even if it was true do you really think you're the first to tell me?
  8. Oh that's cool! My mom's an English teacher too!
    This one I get so often it needed to be here twice. I love English teachers. I'm sure your mom is a wonderful lady. But I DONT WANT TO BE AN ENGLISH TEACHER.