What I did this month
  1. June 1 // cycle, nap, homemade pizza with friends, karaoke
    Serving minty fresh hair
  2. June 2 // cycle, nap on the beach, nap at home, karaoke
    Ate the burger from the jellyfish jelly krabby patty episode
  3. June 3 // season 5 of the office + game of thrones
    last night at press room before it closes for summer
  4. June 4 // brunch
    Post-brunch accidental sephora binge
  5. June 5 // northern Vermont, cycle
    6+ hours in the car
  6. June 6 // Portland with mom
    "you better keep your hands in your pockets today"
  7. June 6 2.0 // diy pasta
  8. June 7 // bae is snacking
  9. June 8 // sick day
    Felt like I might die
  10. June 9 // office day, night out
    I don't remember taking this picture
  11. June 10 // lots of Game of Thrones, lots of friends pregaming at my house
  12. June 11 // A lot of napping
    I should probably start planning less depressing weekend activities
  13. June 12 // driving, working, Alex's birthday party
    Tfw you hand the cashier your phone so they can enter your gift card number and you're so scared they are going to swipe through your camera roll
  14. June 13 // this
    Started to clean out the creepy storage room that falls between me and my neighbors apartment and found a matching set of these chairs
  15. June 14 // Nashua, cycle, and intense apartment organizing