In light of this whole Bill Cosby business, I thought about the celebs who I hope don't have a deep dark awful secret
  1. Oprah Winfrey
    My heart will be broken into a million pieces, I watched your Lifeclass Oprah!! I took advice from a monster!!!! Please never do this to me, Love Taylor
  2. Julie Andrews
    You hypocrite! How dare you tell young naive Mia Thermopolis, Princess of Genovia, to stay out of trouble when you're the very definition of trouble!!! How do you solve a problem like Maria indeed. Please never do such a thing, Love Taylor
  3. Will Smith
    You came so far!!! What would Uncle Phil say huh??? HUH????? I trusted you to light up my life with your charisma and all you did was darken my heart. Please never do such a thing, Love Taylor
  4. Leo DiCaprio
    Oh Romeo, for what reason might you be so careless and rough with my beating heart? To be honest, I'm not too worried about this one. I trust you Leo, Love Taylor
  5. Tom Hanks
    No wonder Forrest went broke in the second book!!! Tom, dear sweet Tom, I have learned so many valuable lessons from you, and you have just taught me one more: NEVER TRUST YOUR HEROES. Please do not ruin this, I need you to finish up making all of the Dan Brown books into movies. Love, Taylor
  6. Hugh Jackman
    You were an honest man, Jean Valjean!!!! Your sister's child was close to death, you were starving!!! You only stole a loaf of bread. But this is much worse. Who are you? It sure isn't 24601 anymore. Who the hell is supposed to look after Anne Hathaway's kid now that you're a scum bag? Please never do this Hugh Jackman, I love you too much. Love, Taylor