I will start this list, then become too sad to finish it
  1. Knocking on your friend's door to see if they wanted to come outside
    None of that texting or calling before hand junk. Just running up to Kelsie and Nick's doors and praying to your celebrity crush they were home and wanted to rollerblade for hours just like you did
  2. Endless opportunities to become whatever you wanted
    This is from the sad, future hating university student in me
  3. Being a GENIUS in elementary school then realizing your mediocrity in grade 8
    You really built my hopes up high, Ms. Gosse
  4. Free education
    You mean I'm paying $700 for one class so that you can teach me how "messed up society is"??? I have a facebook pal, I know what's going on in the world
  5. I'm kidding about that last one
  6. But not about the free education part
    My student loans and I really miss that one
  7. Not knowing how stressed out my mother is
    She is the greatest person I'll ever know, and it is hard to see her struggle