This list is always in progress and here to remind yourself of the good stuff
  1. Finishing a project you're proud of or achieving a goal
  2. Coming home to see that your mother went grocery shopping and got your favourite things
    Because what is better than endless (until you eat it all) Mr. Noodles and cheese? Nothing
  3. Buying gifts for people that you know they'll love
    Barbara totally didn't think you'd remember that she said she really needed a pair of those text-friendly mittens last month, but oh you did
  4. Giving them the gifts
    "Oh, I've wanted a pair of these for a while now! How did you know!" Hell. Yes.
  5. Finding a new TV show you love that already has at least 3 seasons
    Looking at you, Mindy Project
  6. Finding a new actress or actor to love
    Looking at you, @mindy
  7. Rediscovering songs you love
    Every single song by The Killers, and every Christmas, Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas is You"
  8. The Sound of Music
    Just warms my stone cold heart
  9. Julie Andrews
    I'm scared to live in a world where Julie Andrews doesn't exist