current number of tabs: 33
  1. 3-10 tumblr tabs at any given time
    I have this thing about never catching up to things I've already seen on my dashboard & am aware it's not okay to get attached to my tumblr tabs to the point of wanting to shed tears about closing them w unexpected browser resets before their time has come
  2. the food item(s) I like to think I'm cooking up this week
    this rarely happens I just really like to look at food and pretend I'm eating it while longingly staring at my screen and slurping coffee
  3. Netflix
    so much gossip girl, the office, and f.r.i.e.n.d.s
    rem cycles are tite & I prefer not doing simple math
    healthcare is hard. turning 26 is hard.
    Iridescent Birkenstocks. I am coming for you soon, lil babies